EHS Training

Individuals who autoclave biohazardous waste prior to disposal must complete this training module. Contact Dana Buckley体育365 for more information.

This session will cover the basics of safe lifting and exercises that one can do to reduce the likelihood of a back injury. Please call Brian Cournoyer at 862-4761 for more information. (60 minutes).

体育365This training is for all personnel who work in biosafety level one containment labs with low risk biological agents.

This training is for all individuals who work in, or have access to, biosafety level 2 containment labs.

This training will certify you to ship and transport clinical, diagnostic, or other biological specimens, according to U.S. Department of Transportation and International Air Transport Association regulations. Become certified by attending training or by studying the UNH Shipment of Biological Materials. Training sessions will be offered upon request. Contact Andy Glode体育365, 862-5038, to arrange an appointment.

This training is required for all those individuals who may come in contact with human blood or potentially infectious material as a part of their jobs. The refresher training is required annually. Please call Dana Buckley at 862-0197 for more information. (45 minutes).

This training will explain all aspects of the  system for laboratory personnel new to the University. Chemical inventory management tools will be explained along with modules covering Safety Data Sheets, the Chemical Surplus List, Emergency Signs, Hazardous Waste Tracking and the Particularly Hazardous Chemical List. Facilitated by Karrie Myer, it is available upon request by calling (603) 862-1510.

This comprehensive training course will provide attendees with the competencies required to act as a confined space entrant, attendant, or supervisor. The training covers the roles, responsibilities, and safe work procedures for operations in confined spaces as well as the University Confined Space Entry Program. All training programs are provided by OEHS in a classroom setting. The initial training program is 6 hours in length for Entrants and Attendants. Individuals who will act as Entry Supervisors are required to attend the Entrant/Attendant initial training and attend an additional two hours of training specific to Supervisors. The refresher training program is 3 hours in length for Entrants and Attendants; Entry Supervisors are required to attend the Entrant/Attendant refresher training plus an additional hour of training specific to Supervisors. Enrollment is limited to 15 per session. OEHS charges a nominal fee to cover the cost of materials and refreshments. Please call Brian Cournoyer at 862-4761 for details or to arrange for training.

Training for safe use of cryogenic liquids such as liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, and liquid helium.

Dry Ice Shipping Training

This training teaches you how to prepare a shipment containing dry ice according to U.S. Department of Transportation and International Air Transport Association regulations. Only certified individuals may ship dry ice. Become certified by completing online training and completing the test in . Training sessions will also be offered upon request by contacting Andy Glode at 862-5038.

This session will review the proper use of scaffolding and ladders as well as UNH policy on the use of fall protection. Departments will arrange this training so that specific issues may be addressed related to individual jobs. Please call Brian Cournoyer at 862-4761 for more information. Length of session and location is dependent on material to be covered.

 have been developed to provide you with information regarding recent changes to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Hazard Communication Standard/Globally Harmonized System. It is being provided so that you can identify chemical materials in the workplace and understand the new labeling requirements should you encounter or be required to use chemical materials at UNH. Changes to Safety Data Sheets, formerly known as Material Safety Data Sheets, will improve employee understanding of hazards in the workplace.

Each of the three modules will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. After viewing the videos, complete the brief test to document your understanding of the material. Should you have any questions, please contact Brian Cournoyer at 862-4761.

All individuals planning to ship chemicals or other hazardous materials must attend the shipping training offered by EHS. It will be offered upon request. Contact Andy Glode, 862-5038, to arrange an appointment.

This training is mandatory for all those handling, generating or managing regulated waste.  and will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. Contact Marty McCrone, 862-3526, for information.

This training covers fundamentals of laboratory and chemical safety including Hazard Recognition, Controlling Hazards in the Laboratory, Hazard Communication including GHS HazCom, Emergency Procedures, and Emergency Equipment. . Live training sessions are also available upon request (2 hours). Call Andy Glode at 862-5038 to schedule a live training session.

This training is required for all those operating Class 3B or 4 lasers. It will cover the basic modes of exposure and use of personal protective equipment. Please call the Radiation Safety Officer, at 862-4041 for more information.

A local consultant (State of NH Certified) will perform this mandatory training on an as needed basis. Attendee’s department will be responsible for the cost. For more information, please call Brian Cournoyer at (603) 862-4761.

This awareness class is geared toward those who encounter noises above 90 Db(A) as a part of their essential job functions. It will cover the use of hearing protection as well as tactics that may be used to reduce the noise level. Please call Brian Cournoyer体育365 at (603) 862-4761 for more information.

This general awareness class is mandatory for any individual who will enter or work in an area where radioactive materials are used, stored or handled. This class does not authorize an individual to handle or use sources of radiation. This training is being offered online in . Please contact the Radiation Safety Officer, at 862-4041 to be added to this course or for more information.

This class is required for any individual who will directly handle radioactive material. Upon successful completion of the class and written exam, the individual will be listed on a Radioactive Material User’s Permit and may begin using sources of radiation after completing lab-specific training. This training will be offered upon request. Please contact the Radiation Safety Officer体育365, at (603) 862-4041 for more information.

This is required training for all individuals who will be required to wear respiratory protection as part of their job. This training program is appropriate for both new and returning users. This training program will cover the UNH Respiratory Protection Program (procedures for obtaining respirators, training, fit tests, medical evaluations, and more), The OSHA standard on Respiratory Protection, Features and limitations of respirators used at UNH, and safe use and maintenance of respirators. Annual training is typically held in January. Classes for first time users are scheduled as needed upon request throughout the year. Please call Brian Cournoyer at (603) 862-4761 for more information.

体育365This training is required for anyone who works with or around oil or oil-containing devices. Classroom training can be arranged by calling 862-1510. Online training is accomplished by following the above link.

Universal Waste Training for all handlers of used lamps, batteries, and mercury containing devices. Contact David Edwards体育365 at 862-0683 for more information.

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