About the Office of Outreach and Engagement

The Office of Outreach and Engagement (OE) helps the public connect with the UNH community to improve the state’s economy and quality of life. 

OE provides leadership, collaboration and support, to establish pathways to partnership for citizens, organizations and business seeking assistance, non-credit education or professional development.  OE emphasizes public engagement and collaboration to address the state’s most pressing issues, such as workforce development and readiness, k-12 education, environmental sustainability and healthcare.


UNH Micro-credentials and Digital Badge Program

体育365A digital badge is an online validation of an achievement, skill or credential. Digital badges are data rich in ways that paper-based certificates and resumes or PDF transcripts can’t be. OE is leading the development and adoption of digital badges for all non-credit and professional development offerings at the university. 

NH Impact 

体育365OE and CPA leads a NH Impact Advisory Council that helps university-level engagement leaders and college-level administrators collaborate. Council members include university level engagement leaders, dean/directors of cooperative extension, and directors/vice provosts of other community engagement units. This group improves  impact reporting, goal-setting and evaluations to improved advocacy for State support. 

Youth Programs and K-12 Pipeline Initiatives Council

OE leads the implementation of the workforce task-force K12 pipeline growth recommendations to best serve NH and regional students, and demonstrate the value of attending the state’s flagship university.